Walking on the West Side

Strolling around New York can be very pleasant, especially if the weather and the temperatures are nice.

We can walk for miles without even realizing it.

Along the banks of the Hudson River, on the West Side of Manhattan, there are gardens and parks and sculptures to revive this area of the city.

The old port ruins, destroy years ago by a fire, are still visible in the river waters and they have become a part of this city’s history.

Riverside Park is also famous for being the home of the red-tailed hawk, who is supposed to be and endangered species.

Far northern, we will find the monument built in 1893 and dedicated to the soldiers and sailors who fought during the Civil War.

Our legs are not too tired from walking, so we visit the General Grant National Memorial that contains the remains of General Grant, ex US President and the only one to be buried in New York.

Few more blocks and we reach Harlem, one of the neighborhoods that have made the history of this city. A quick lunch at Silvya’s and we head back, this time crossing Central Park, another New York icon.

The colors here, especially during fall, seems to be the product of a crazy painter, who just decided to empty his board over the trees and the bushes.

It’s a long walk until we reach Columbus Circle, the south side of the park.

It’s dark by now and we have walked for about eighteen kilometers.

I’m dead tired and the idea of thirty more blocks before we reach home after we walked about two hundred makes shiver.

Taxiiii!! Take me home please! I’ve had an amazing day but know I just want get home and put my feet up in the air.

Once again, thank you New York for being so different every time I look around the corner and discover new things.

I’ve been living here for eighteen years and still I have not seen everything.

I like being a tourist, even if in my own town.


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