We are at Torre dei Corsari, on the Costa Verde. I’m not sure where the name of this coastal area comes from, but the first thing that comes to my mind is that it could be because of the color of the sea. If somewhere else the white sand gives the water a turquoise color, here the golden sand lends it a green emerald tone. I believe this is my third time here but I’m always very fond of this boundless field and its tower on top of the hill with a breathtaking view on the shoreline below. Before we leave, we make a quick stop at the seasonal kiosk on the beach that sells sandwiches and drinks.

It’s the four of the apocalypse again: my brother, my friend Agnese, Enrico and I. A map of the area with all the different attractions is available at the counter to the tourist and to people as curious as us. Among the most famous ones is Piscinas, which we have already visited few times; the still wild and immaculate Scivu; and Funtazza that has come into the limelight few years ago because of the restoration plan of the old colony, “Casa al mare Francesco Sartori”, where the miners’ children use to spend their summers.

And then there’s Pistis and none of us has ever heard of it before. Since we are always looking to discover new places, we are determined to go to this beach during the next few days. Once we get home in the evening, we immediately look for directions to get to our new destination. “I don’t think it’s very far from Torre dei Corsari,” I tell Enrico while looking on Google Map. “We need to drive on the same road and turn somewhere once we get to Sant’Antonio di Santadi”

Two days later, equipped with all our photographic gear and a craving for a new adventure, we head to Pistis. We drive along familiar roads and once we reach Sant’Antonio, we turn left instead of right as we usually do. A sign indicates we still have to travel for about three kilometers more. “That’s weird. I could have sworn Pistis was south of Torre dei Corsari but this way we are going to end up north of it” “Maybe the road turns somewhere and goes back down,” Enrico says. Few minutes later, not sure yet if we are going the right way, we ask a gentleman near by how far we were from our stop. The man looks at us speechless, as he was talking to a bunch of morons, turns his eyes around and we realize right above his head there a sign that reads “Welcome to Pistis”, which does not leave any doubt that we are in fact already there. We go down a dirt road that leads us to the parking lot but Enrico seems dumbfounded. “We’ve been here already” “Enrico, stop this non-sense! (I’m always very nice with my friend!) I’ve never been here and neither have you!” “Yet, it seems to me like we are in Torre dei Corsari again!” “How can it be Torre dei Corsari if on the map Pistis is below it? If so, the tower should be on our left instead of our right!” “Well, this place looks familiar to me no matter what”

Once we get to the beach, we look at each other and burst into laughter. After all the talking and planning, we are exactly where we were two days ago. The thing is as simple as this: the left side of this wide beach is called Pistis while on the right there’s Sabbie d’Oro in Torre dei Corsari. Oh well!!! Nobody is going to stop us from walking on the rocks right next to us, no matter what!


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