The south side of Sardinia

Punta Molentis is one of my favorite places in Sardinia.

Yes, I know I keep repeating the same thing about all the places I’ve talked about so far, but every time I discover a new place I fall in love all over again. We can’t seem to find the road to get to the beach, something not unusual since I’m the one driving. As my father used to say every time he got lost: I do it on purpose so I can discover new things.

Sure…so do I!!

Once we leave the main road, we need to drive along a dirt road that will take us straight to the parking lot. There’s something very weird though: I was told it only takes few minutes to get there and we have been driving for a while now. And most of all, why is the road going uphill if we are supposed to go towards the water? And why is it so narrow and full of rocks that my cars suspensions are crying from pain?

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. Too bad though we went back exactly where we started from. We take the same main road once again, but this time as soon as we get to the crossroad, I turn right instead of left. Fifty-fifty chances and I had chosen the wrong one.

Punta Molentis is a narrow strip of land on the southwest side of Sardinia; therefore there is water on both sides. On one side, a cozy beach with fine sand and a small fisherman port and on the other amazing rocks of all different shapes and forms. This is the perfect place on a windy day, as you can choose to be on either side depending on the weather conditions….or on your preferences. I leave for my excursion as usual, the little goat as my friends call me. I can’t sit all day in the sun doing nothing, knowing that there are so many beautiful things I can photograph around there.

And as usual, my Sardinia does not disappoint me.


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