The old mines and Piscinas

“Are you going to take the short way there or are you going to drive through the old mines area?”

What kind of question is this? It’s obvious I’m going to choose to see the abandoned miners village.

We are going to Piscinas, in the Costa Verde, on the west coast of Sardinia.

I might be wrong, but I believe it is about sixty kilometers away from my hometown of Senorbi’.

We stop every two hundred meters to take pictures of the decaying buildings and facilities around, so it takes about three hours to reach our destination.

Piscinas is a very long and wide beach, so you can spend the day without having to step on top of your neighbor whenever you decide to move around.

The dunes here are the main and the most famous attraction but unlikely Porto Pino, where they are white, the sand here is golden so the water instead of being turquoise is a beautiful emerald green color.

You can still find reminders of the mines activities: the rails used to send the carts full of “blenda and galena” (minerals used to make zinc and lead) still run through the beach until they reach the water, where the mineral were loaded onto the ships. Some of the carts, now old and rusted, are also here and they are part of a small open space museum, in memory of this site’s past history.

The only building on the beach is an old facility, besides the two seasonal kiosks, now converted into a luxury hotel and it is a perfect place for those who want to be away from everything and everybody.

The sightseeing walk is a duty we need to perform as usual.

A stubborn juniper, stubborn as only Sardinians can be, has grown right in the sand: its distinctive twisted wood and its inclination caused by the wind make it the perfect and most favorite theme of my photographic tour. A herd of goats comes on the beach from the neighboring hills, causing astonishment within the people around.

We are on the west coast as I said, so we will be able to see the first sunset on the water.

The horizon sets on fire, the shadows become longer and we sit on the beach watching the show, with a mandatory Ichnusa (Sardinian beer) in our hands.


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