The first two weeks in Sardinia are dedicated to my mom. I’ve promised her I would spend as much time as I can with her before my friends which are coming to visit from the States will get there…After that, she can pretty much kiss me good-bye! I didn’t rent a car immediately so I need to rely on friends and family to move around and to go to the beach. My very first day I go to Cagliari with Agnese to spend few hours at “Poetto”, the city beach, which probably would look amazing (I mean, it could be amazing if….but I will get to that in a different occasion) to anyone who has never been around here. Knowing the kind of beauty this island offers to its visitors, let’s say this is just a fall back on something more doable when we have just few hours available.  If nothing else, I start getting some color since I look quite “white” compared to my fellow countrymen, which had the chance to be under the sun for months already

And then my sister that buys tickets for Jovanotti’s concert and here I am standing for hours in the middle of the concert area waiting for one of my youth’s idols (and he still is!) to come out and sing and if it wasn’t for the worst back-pain ever, I would have probably enjoy it very much!!! It’s called GETTING OLD…


And yes, I know…I’ve been in Is Arutas several times before in the past years, but since Vanity Fair Travellers has named it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I’ve decided it is worth another visit. The area around the beach is very bare…just land and water and the amazing quartz sand that make this place quite special. I’ve learned my lesson though: walking on this kind of sand requires a lot of strength since it’s almost like walking on the snow and you will find your leg disappearing up to your knees (almost!!). NO THANKS! So this time I just enjoy the company of my friends and the light sea breeze that makes the heat of this summer day a little more tolerable. Is Arutas never ceases to amaze me with its colors and the small beaches around it. There’s a trunk from a big tree resting in the water. Maybe it was brought there by a recent storm or otherwise I have no idea what it’s doing right there. We are here just for the day, “toccata e fuga” as we say in Italian, which is the translation of “hit and run” but I have so many other days in front of me….(little do I know time is going to fly!) and because of my previous visits and the many pictures I took then, here are just the very few shots of my very first days of vacation.


you can see the previous years pictures here


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