The end of the road – by Nicoletta La Vite

We are on the road again, the last stretch before reaching our destination.

We get on the bike and once passed the state of Arizona, we arrive in Nevada.

The heat is such that we can finally take our jackets off and travel lighter.

We just made it to Sin City!

After being weather-beaten for so many days, we really deserve some sun and some rest.

We look for a place where to spend few days since our Route 66 ends here. We won’t make it to Los Angeles, so we need to return the bike in Las Vegas.

Our room is at the Luxory, where we will stay for three nights.

I’m entrusted with the luggage while my boyfriend will park the bike in the garage underneath the hotel.

We were so used to peace and quiet around us that and now lights and traffic and loud music everything. I think I miss the calm of the previous days, but we know it was going to be this way in Vegas. This is the amusement city, the city of nightclubs and casinos.

There’s not a very pleasant surprise waiting for us the next day.

Our saddle bags were stolen and the saddest thing is that we had all the souvenirs we bought along Route 66 inside the bags.

We need to file charges with the hotel security and after that we also need to meet with the local police and speak to the sheriff.

Just like in the movies; unforgettable experience!

The bike is now going back home, to its cozy place at the Harley and Davidson rental center and we end this road trip soaking in the hotel swimming pool.

I can’t explain all the different emotions and feelings this trip has given us, but it has definitely been an unforgettable experience.

I hope I was able to pass on to you some of these emotions through my story.

And this is the end.


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