The city of Granada: here I am!

I finally go to Granada.

The bus station is right behind Aurora’s cafeteria making my life much easier on the way to the city and on the way back. I buy a round trip ticket using all the Spanish I know. It doesn’t really take much since the words I’m using are very similar to Italian and also because I have been instructed in advance on what to say, but I’m still quite pleased I’m able to communicate anyhow. You know, one of those small accomplishments that make you happy!

The bus ride is about one hour and fifteen minutes on the highway that connects Almunecar to Granada, before we reach our destination. Before I leave, everybody has something to say: keep you purse in front, don’t wear any jewels, watch out for the women on the street that offer you rosemary bunches. It seems it’s a trick used by the gypsies in order to distract you: the woman will then ask you if she could read your palm and by that time, a group of prowlers that have been waiting around, will robe you blind.

Ok, checked! I will keep my eyes opened to avoid all these situations. I prepare a schedule with all the things I want to see: the Cathedral, the Alhambra and Albaycin, the Arabic quarters are more priorities. I have written all down: which bus to take to get downtown and what direction to follow to reach my destinations. The bus arrives right after I reach Granada. I pay the driver one euro and twenty cents and I make certain it will stop on Gran Via de Colon, near by the Catedral Metropolitana de la Encarnacion. A gentleman sits down next to me so I ask him if he could please let me know once we get there. Ohi! My request is an excuse to strike a conversation but there’s just one problem: I have no idea of what he’s telling me!


“La Catedral?”


“I will let you know”. Good, this is as good as my Spanish gets!

Mercato delle spezie della Cattedrale  – Spice Market by the Cathedral


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