The beauty of Villasimius

The ticket to Sardinia has been booked. Soon I will be home, breathing my homeland air. During my trips in the last few months I’ve visited beautiful places and I’ve met amazing people, but nothing gives me as much joy as going back to the island. Like every year, I will look for new places to discover, but like every year I will also see familiar places, the ones I cannot miss.


Cala Giunco

Villasimius is like a relative, one of those you go visit whenever you go back home. And like a very much-loved relative, I find it more beautiful, even better with age! I always say the most renowned north of Sardinia has nothing on my south. My island is gorgeous wherever you go, and it doesn’t need famous people, luxury yachts and expensive villas to make it more interesting. Villasimius’ beauty is in the long walk along the paths, on top of the hills where the Spanish towers are and the view below on the coastline, in the twisted junipers, in the mixed perfume of earth and sea brought by the sea breeze, in Cala Giunco beach, one of my favorites, with its adjoining pond which is home to the pink flamingoes.


La vista dalla torre spagnola – The view from the Spanish tower


Even the old road to reach the village is a small corner of heaven, with its hairpin turns and its cliffs on the blue sea. Sure, it’s a short ride from Cagliari now, driving along the new road that cuts through the mountains (if traffic allows it!) but there is no comparison with the beauty of the coastal road. So, if you find yourself in this part of the island and have a little time, don’t miss the opportunity to drive here, at least once!


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