See you soon!

And this is the end of my Mexican vacation.

I spend the day in Cancun in the company of Gianluca and of all the people I met during this amazing trip. We occupy the morning walking along the beach for several miles. There are some areas on the shore that are completed isolated: only magnificent villas with direct access to the shore but they are built in such way they are integrated with the environment. Beautiful homes with a gorgeous ocean view.

We keep walking until we reach the hotel area. As much as I do not like the buildings here, big cement blocks as I previously called them, the large beaches are well taken care of and the water has different shades of blue that sometime doesn’t even look real, like the pictures you see on postcards and brochures that you always think they have been touched up.

Yes, the Sardinian people have always praised our sea as the most beautiful in the world and here I have to say this: our waters are spectacular, but there are other places as gorgeous as well. Maybe it’s a different kind of beauty, but beauty it is.

Once we leave the beach, we celebrate this magnificent day with a lunch in a small kiosk along the parallel road to the beach: fish burritos and of course, a Corona. Mexico has bewitched me and I will leave tomorrow knowing that a piece of my heart will stay here. Sure it’s easy to fall in love with a place like this, especially when you are in vacation. I’ve been in several countries over the course of the years: I’ve seen the best things and not so good things of each place I’ve visited. But one thing is for sure: so far none of them has been able to make me fall in love. Mexico has done that and maybe one day I will have a small corner of paradise I can call “mine”.

Hasta la vista! See you soon! Arrivederci a presto! A si biri!

And thanks for everything.


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