Second day in Bosa and the Virgin of the Sea celebrations

Here we are in Bosa.

We got a discount for our room at the Bed and Breakfast because our host had previously told us they had a problem with the air conditioning. It wasn’t working that is!!! Therefore she was not going to rent the two rooms with the issue but again she asked me if I had a problem with that in case! It’s ok with me, I say…it’s not like I have air conditioning at my parents’ house after all and I can live with the heat. Too bad this is supposed to be the hottest week of the summer with picks of hundred degrees, but it seems somebody is looking upon us from above. A nice breeze blows though the open windows throughout the entire night to the point I need to pull the covers up! It’s a little different in the morning. Enrico and I go for a walk looking for the church where the holy mass for the “Virgin of the Sea” is going to be held and reach the end of the street where the beach starts and where the Temo joins the sea. There’s the usual Spanish tower used in the past centuries as a watchtower. It’s only nine o’clock but it feels like we are inside a giant burning oven. What in the world!!!!!

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Now I understand why most of the people are listening to the mass on the side of the little church under the shade of the trees and only few courageous decided to use the apposite chairs set in the open, under the sun in the backyard. Everybody is getting ready for the celebration and although the early morning hours, there are people roasting the suckling piglet and the “tratalia”, a typical Sardinian dish made with the entrails and the intestines (don’t say YUCK until you try it….it’s YUMMMMMYY!).

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The procession is going to start soon and Enrico and I impatiently wait for the statue of the Madonna to be carried out.

“Excuse me…is the Virgin Mary coming this way?”. Well honey,  your guess is as good as mine!! You have chosen the wrong person to ask for information as I’m a tourist here, but I don’t even have the time to answer the gentlemen that himself starts shouting: ”MILLA MI”, which in his Sardinian dialect means “there she is”. It is said in such a way and with a very thick and unmistakable accent from the north of the island that Enrico and I burst into laughter. MILLA MI is now something that is going to stay with us for the entire duration of our vacation.

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The Carabinieri are escorting the procession while a group of men wearing red and white capes, most likely the uniform of some religious association, have the duty to carry their statue on their shoulders. Off they go to the boats that will navigate on the Temo until reaching Bosa  and we run to the bridge that crosses the river to have a better view from above and take our usual thousand pictures, which are going to be all the same multiplied by two. Really, how many photos of the boats on the river can we take??? Well, you would be surprised. Just be thankful I’m not going to show them all!!!

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What are we going to do now? The party is over and I really want to go to the beach!!!

Let’s try to go near Cumpultittu but let’s chose a different place …We can’t see the same site twice in a row, considering it’s not likely I will be here any time soon again.

Sandy beaches? Wishful thinking!!! It’s all rocks and cliffs so we keep driving until we find what we looking for! Well, the next one is actually Poglina and it’s not even Bosa anymore, but the sign reads “ Town of Villanova Monteleone”…which means we are closer to Alghero by now. Poglina is heaven: a gorgeous picnic area with wooden tables and benches under the trees of the park adjacent the beach, a restaurant near by with showers for the bathers and the most amazing day so far, since there just enough breeze not to makes us feel the heat and the water so calm and flat it could be a swimming pool.

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Poglina – Villanova Monteleone

A clever (and most likely outlaw!) man has decided to build his summer home right where the old German post used to be. I’m not sure what he did is legal but in the meantime he has a place at the beach and I barely have a beach umbrella!!!!

We have to drive back to the south, which is going to take us few hours, but we can’t miss a stop in Alghero, being so close already. Well, the quick stop becomes a pizza for dinner at  “L’Acquolina” with some friends we meet there and I’m so thankful for that, because it’s probably one of the best pizza I’ve had in the past several years: so good that my brother Eugenio and Enrico are going to order a second one!!!!!!


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