Sardinia, hello …and good-bye!

The end of my vacation in Sardinia is around the corner. Last night, for the first time since I’ve arrived, I’ve slept with a blanket on my bed and the windows closed. It was a bit chill, as a sign that the mistral was blowing or as a sign that maybe the end of the summer is near, at least for me. We are at the turning point…few more days and I will be back in the States. Alitalia is going to bring me back to New York, where I have put together my life trying to give it a ‘normal’ appearance. This 2013 has been a year of innovations, changes, renounces, decisions and some crazy stuff, but I can truly say I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve traveled as much as I could, my suite-case always ready for a new and sudden journey; I’ve visited far and near places, famous places and forgotten places, beautiful and less beautiful, interesting places and relaxing places. I’ve walked for hours in unknown cities, I’ve traveled for hours and hours in foreign countries but as it always happens, I had to travel where my heart brings me. I’ve come back to Sardinia, land of the sea that strokes its coastline and of the fire that burns trees, homes, dreams and hopes; land of vacation and vacationers and land raped by pyromaniacs and by the rudeness of those who have no respect, not even for themselves. It’s always beautiful my land though, in spite of the scorching heat that welcomed me at my arrival and that now has surrender to a light breeze of end of summer, even if one can never tell when the summer is really over, at least when it comes to the weather. Even Costa Rey, mandatory and recurrent destination of my staying in Sardinia, was empty yesterday, so different from what it was just a week ago, when the beach umbrellas created a multicolored carpet along the whole shore. And then the goodbyes to the usual friends; there are work colleagues and there are ‘vacation colleagues’, punctual and certain, as one of the things in your life you can always count on. We punch in at our arrival, we punch out when we leave…We will not see each other tomorrow at the same time, but it’s almost sure we will see each other again next year, at the same time, at the same place to punch in our entrance in Sardinia. So there are just few days left before the end of this journey and I’m happy for the things I’ve seen and I’ve done and with the regret for the things I was not able to do and to see. I’ve promised myself I will come back home in spring, where the weather is cooler and the call of the sea is not as strong as in summertime. Now I just have to go back to New York to make sure this is going to happen.



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