San Giovanni di Sinis and the ruins of Tharros

It’s another one of those days when we have to decide what to do and where to go. “Have you ever been to San Giovanni di Sinis?” I ask Enrico, my loyal travel companion for years now all along and across Sardinia. “I don’t think so” He answers me, so we leave to reach a new destination once again. I think the last time I was there it was about twenty years ago and knowing we can also visit the Phoenician ruins of the ancient town of Tharros, we combine business with pleasure.  I’m not sure which one is the business and which is the pleasure, especially when it comes to this last one, since as we usually do, we spend our vacation in Sardinia during the month of August and there’s really a little pleasure in climbing rocks and walking under the scorching sun with over hundred degrees. What really pisses me off is that no matter what direction I’m walking, I always has the sun on my right side and the left side of my body is always in the shade! This is something that is going to ruin my tanning efforts! You know, these are the real problems in life!


San Giovanni di Sinis’ church

Before we leave in the morning, Beatrice alerts me: “Don’t expect to find nice waters over there”. Mah! We are in Sardinia and I love my island so much that I really think there’s no “ugly” sea anywhere, but since I’ve been informed in advance, I try to not have any expectations so I won’t be disappointed once I get there!

Gopai Antonio (Sardinian word used to indicate a godfather but in this case is used to indicate my very adorable friend whom is often being my partner in crime) is waiting for us in Oristano to proceed towards San Giovanni together. Once we reach the beach, not before a quick stop at the little church at the entrance of the village which is supposed to be one of the oldest in Sardinia, we get ready for the first swim of the day, in what was supposed to be “not such a nice water”.


The water in san Giovanni di Sinis

Well, its’ true! The sea is not much to look at! As a matter of fact, even after a swim in deeper waters, where we can still see the bottom and count the sand wedges underneath us, with the fish swimming all around, we notice a small piece of seaweed of about once inch in length. “I will never come back to this obscene place! There’s ONE seaweed! Where have you taken me?” Enrico whines ironically.


The beach at San Giovanni di Sinis

“Don’t you complain yet!” I warn him “We will talk again once we have visited Tharros ruins, just around the corner from here!


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