Porto Pollo and Isola dei Gabbiani

Porto Pollo and Isola dei Gabbiani (Seagulls Island) are among the places one has to visit when travelling to Sardinia. The first one is known as surfers’ paradise because of the strong winds that blow in this area; the second is for those who like camping or for those, like me, that absolutely love to photograph the most unusual rocks.

Isola dei Gabbiani is reachable walking on the isthmus that connects it to Porto Pollo and beside a house built right at the entrance, the entire island is still wild. We wander around along the paths not knowing how far we can get through the bushes and the junipers that populate this area.

My friend Enrico and I are used to walk under the scorching sun but I’m worried about my American friends, Paul and Donna. Today is their first day of vacation in Sardinia and they are as white as a sheet, or like a mozzarella as we say in Italy.

This strip of land is full of surprises: beautiful little bays hidden between the rocks suddenly appear in front us, white huge white stones smoothed by the sea and the wind, crystal clear waters that we can almost count the silver little fish shimmering under the sunlight.

We spend few hours here: Paul, the most courageous of all, defies the tides and dives in for a long swim, Donna and I try to climb over the rocks to reach the highest peak t and enjoy the view on La Maddalena Archipelago while Enrico is lost somewhere along with his camera and a lot of patience!

There’s just a light breeze today, enough for us not to realize how hot it really is. The only signal we have is Paul’s skin that has gone from white mozzarella to red lobster, despite the SPF50 he put all over his body. I can predict a sleepless nigh but since this was an amazing day at the beach, I can say it was worth. At least for me!


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