Porto Cervo, one of the many resorts of this area

Porto Cervo, the playground for the rich and famous …or at least this is what I have believed for years. So last summer, I finally made it there, in the north-east coast of Sardinia to see with my own eyes what all the fuss was about. I guess the bad economy has taken its toll in this area as well and even if some rich and famous are still coming to Costa Smeralda, it’s not the same thing anymore. This is what I keep hearing from the restaurant and hotels owners and from the people that used to know these places during their glory days. There are several luxurious yachts right in front of Cala di Volpe, the resort that Forbes Magazine listed as one of the 20th most expensive hotels in the world but finding a parking spot by the famous “piazzetta” in Porto Cervo at midnight in the middle of August is a sign that a lot of people have deserted the Costa Smeralda and chose different locations for their summer vacation. The “Billionaire”, the famous club which I’ve heard has come down to its last year of business here, is still quite crowded and after waiting for about half hour on line trying to get in, we decide it’s not worth any more of our time and we decide to leave. My guess is I’m not missing much; I’m definitely past my club days and now and I rather spend my time with my friends doing other things. I wanted to see it just out of curiosity but I believe I can survive anyhow!

The landscape in this area is amazing; the gorgeous villas with their well-kept gardens, the streets and the beaches exude wealth. I feel uncomfortable here, but maybe it’s just a state of mind knowing that this is an exclusive area for those who have a lot of money. So, sitting on my towel (I avoid renting a lounge chair and I bring my own beach umbrella as I have the feeling that, not matter the economical crises, the prices are still prohibitive) looking at the yachts in water and I long for my South and my friends and the spacious beaches of Costa Rey and Chia and so many more that have nothing to envy to Porto Cervo when it comes to beauty. Oh well, I can say I’ve been here but now it’s time to go back to what I love best.


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