I’ve learned not plan the day ahead anymore. Or better, I’ve learned I always need to leave some rooms for unforeseen changes in the programs, because there is always something that could happen that is going to overturn any decision previously made. So once we leave Olbia, we intend to stop in Nuoro to say hello to a dear friend of mine and then drive all the way to Senorbi. It’s still really hot in Sardinia at the end of August and the idea of spending most of the day in the car is not appealing at all.

“What do you think if we stop in Orosei?” Enrico asks me while we’re leaving the airport.

“I think you are out of you mind! It’s not exactly near by and it’s nowhere close to where we need to go!”

After few quick and obviously unplanned stops in several areas along the eastern coast of Sardinia, where do we end up?

In OROSEI, of course!

I believe I’ve been here once before during a trip with my parents when I was a little child…I believe! Anyhow, it’s been few years since I was a kid and I can’t really recall anything about this town.

The only think that comes to my mind are my mother’s stories and the love she has for this part of the island. I even thought about renting a home here during my next vacation and have my aunt and her join us for few days. Enrico and I are exploring the village in the meantime; its street, the historical area and all the way up to the Belvedere; quite a walk, since the roads are steep and the afternoon very hot. From the top of the hill we can see the Marina di Orosei far from here, wishing we could dive in the beautiful waters of this Sardinian magnificent corner, but since it’s our last day of vacation, we though we could give up the beach and dedicate ourselves to the discovery of villages and towns, which also are very fascinating here.

This is the town of many churches, seventeen of them for a population of about seven thousand people. The ideal place for my mom and my aunt I think! Up until few years ago, the economy of this area was based on the production of wines, agricultural activities and the exploitation of the marble quarries. The boost of the tourism business and the marvelous beaches of  Marina, Osala, Su Barone, Cala Liberotto , Sas Linnas Siccas, Marzellinu, Cala Ginepro, Mattanosa, Bidderosa e Sa Curcurica have considerably contributed to the economic growth of Orosei, making it one of the most recommended site to visit.

We stop for a wild boar prosciutto sandwich and a beer at local pub before we hit the road again: we deserve it after the long walk under the scorching afternoon sun.

We should go straight to Senorbi now, with no interruptions….maybe!

Once again, never say never….


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