India is a federal republic consisting of twenty-eight states and seven union territories.

Delhi is the capital of the Territory of Delhi as well as national capital. Up until now, I’ve visited two other states: Haryana, whenever we spent the night in the house in Faridabad, 20 km and two hours away, and Utter Pradesh, when we visited Agra and the Taj Mahal, 184 km and five and a half hours to get there. I’ve seen several areas of Delhi as well, therefore I would like to spend some time checking out different parts of the country. We’ve decided to spend two days away from the city; now we need to figure out where. Water rafting on the Ganga? Two nights in an Ashram? Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan? Each one of these plans doesn’t seem to work out because of the amount of time it will take us to get there.

We do not have much time and tell you the truth, I’ve already spent enough time in car risking my life. Neemrana, a small village in Rajasthan, seems to be the best solution at this point. We need to drive two hours to find ourselves in a 16h century fortress that is now a hotel. I like the idea, and since my vacation is coming to and end and I need to spend fifteen hours on plane to come back to New York, I happily agree to go there.

Neemrana Fort Palace looks like an enchanted place, straight out of Thousand and One Nights. We park the car outside the walls and start climbing up the stairs and through the alleys. If I could spend a week here I’m sure I would loose the extra pounds I put on since I started my vacation. Once we reach the reception area I’m short of breath and my legs are week, but it’s not over yet! We pick up the room key and up we go again so we can finally get to our room.

The view from above is magnificent: each room has its own little terrace and our just happen to overlook the valley below and the small village nesting at the foot of the hill. I really feel like I’m in a fairy-tail: gazebos, towers, imperial courtyard and lotus flowers floating inside the fountain in the main square. My camera is ready to burst and I realize I’m shooting the same subjects over and over again, hey, at least I’m doing it from different angles! It’s time to relax a bit. I doubt the two swimming pools were part of the original design of the castle, but swimming surrounded by ancient walls and balconies in this magical place, really takes me back in time.

Finally I’m able to see my very first sunset but it was worth to wait: the sky is red and the towers of the castle look like they are suspended in mid air. It is so beautiful, it takes my breath away.


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