“Murales” of Sardinia

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Nobody can really tell who was the first person to make a “murales” in Sardinia. The first paintings appeared on the buildings walls back in the 60’s and some of the originals are still visible in few villages around the island. The themes varied from the shepherds’ struggles and the fights against capitalism to the banditry issue in the region, but these are just some of them. Those were the years when the youngsters dreamt of changing the world, fighting injustices and hoping to have a better life for themselves, their families and the society the live in.

Most of the murales were therefore the work of unknown students, even if there have been very famous artists such as Pinuccio Sciola from San Sperate that became big promoters of this kind of art. The subjects of the paintings have changed with time and during the course of the years they have covered all different issues, national and international.

The most famous murales are most likely the ones from Orgosolo, where the painters portrayed the pride of people from Barbagia, the mountain area in the middle of Sardinia. This little town is now a popular tourist destination for those who like view a different side of the island that it’s not just the coastal area, but one thing is for sure: they are all an invitation to the viewers to wonder about social issues rather than a solicitation to violence.

The“muralismo” of the past years can be now divided in two main categories: the first is purely street-décor while many artists are still very involved with the political aspect of it.


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