Mawenzi and Kibo. By Roberto Pierobon

September 22nd, 2012

Wake at 7:30am, breakfast and second day of trekking. We leave the shelter following Remid, who is ahead of the porters: he is full of advices about the speed we need to maintain and keeps telling us “pole pole” (slow in Swahili). The path is well-defined and the climbers’ constant coming and going will make getting lost in here quite difficult even for a small child. Few hundred meters past our shelter, the forest gets thinner, the horizon widens and the majestic shape of the Mawenzi, the shortest one of the two volcano’s peaks with its indented black top , stand out in the cobalt blue of the sky. Even further away  the Kilimanjaro, with its now covered side is overwhelmingly captivating. After walking for five hours along a long dusty road crossing a heather moor, we reach Horombo, the second shelter at 3720 meters above the sea, surrounded by Seneci, a typical vegetation of this natural park.


September 23rd, 2012

Wake at 8:30 and breakfast. This is the day we need start getting acquainted to the weather conditions. We decide to spend three hour climbing towards Mawezi, crossing the Zebra Rocks, a black and white strips rocky formation, until we reach a plateau at 4200 meters, where there a majestic view of the Kilimanjaro and the path we will be walking tomorrow very visible in the middle of it.

September 24th, 2012

Wake at 7:30 am and breakfast. Forth day of trekking. Following the Lower Route, we cross the “Saddle of the Winds”, a rocky and desolated tundra at 4500 meters, which connects Mawenzi with the Kilimanjaro. We get stuck in the middle of a snow storm; the temperature drops and winds are so strong that we are able to reach Kibo only six hours later. This will be the last shelter before the final stretch. After a warm meal we all go to sleep since the wake and breakfast will be at 11:30pm of the same day.


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