Malaga, Spain…I’m on my way

My new trip has started and soon starts the adventure.

When I say soon, I really mean immediately.  The car that is taking me to the airport is waiting for me downstairs. It is pouring and I really don’t feel like dragging my luggage to Port Authority under the rain to catch to bus to JFK, so I’ve decided to call a cab instead.

As soon as we turn around the corner on 11th avenue, we have to stop at the light. Few seconds later, I hear an explosion; the sound so loud I jump in the back of the car. Could it be a bomb?!?

No, it’s just a manhole whose lid was sent flying in the hair most likely by the pressure of the steam. Thankfully nobody was passing by or it could have been a tragedy! The first thing that comes to my mind is that if we did not have to stop, it would have hit us or even worse, we could have been right on top of it when it exploded, sending the car and us up in the air.

Oh well, this is a way to start!!

The traffic is heavy and I keep asking the driver how far we are from JFK. I ask him to take the service roads since nothing is moving on the Long Island Expressway, which at the present being, is everything but ‘express”.

I reach the Swiss Airlines terminal within the two hours limit before departure and I turn to the check in lady immediately: “Is there any chance I can have an empty seat next to me?” I always give it a try so I can lie down, at least in a fetal position.

“I’m sorry but the flight is full” she says “We are actually selling upgrades in first class for dew hundred dollars so to accommodate everybody”


“So, is the discounted price really convenient?”

She tells me the amount and it’s not bad at all, but then I think I am unemployed and give up on the idea, but soon after her computer freezes, the lady that is supposed to fix it makes a mistake and I find myself in first class no matter what.

It’s a sign! I have to pay the difference but I keep it. You live only once, right? With the first class ticket I also get access to the Swiss Airlines private lounge where food, drinks, computers and privacy are available to all passengers.


“Excuse me, do you know where the Swiss lounge is?”

“Down the corridor on the left, upstairs!”

I feel sporty and knowing I have to spend the next several hours sitting on a plane, I walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, as graceful as a gazelle….a clumsy one that is!

Right after the forth step, I realize something is going to happen: maybe I’ve twisted my ankle, maybe there is something on the stairs or maybe I’m just so klutzy that I fall on my face like an idiot.

“Are you hurt?” this handsome guy coming down the stairs asks me.

“Yes, my ego got hurt” I said try to minimize the poor figure.

It’s time to board. I’m not sure yet if there are beds on the Swiss planes or just the big cushiony chairs. I would rather have a bed so I will get to Spain well rested instead of all screwed up as it usually happens when I fly coach.

I’m texting my friend while waiting to take off.

“So, Swiss does not have the Bulgari bags as Alitalia does; they only have this tin can and I’m not sure what’s in it. I will let you know later and I will also let you know if my seat becomes a bed since I haven’t figured it out yet. After few minutes fidgeting with my chair I send Gianna another text: “It’s a bed and I also have a bed mate! Too bad the gentleman next to me is about eighty years old!”

Bill, my travel companion, is reading a tourist guide about Machu Picchu! Really??? I think this is a sign! We start talking about my trips and his trips, my life and his life and we find a lot of things in common between us. He will be going to Peru in about two weeks, after coming back from Switzerland. I really think I need to go as well and while starting a vacation, I’m already planning the next one, without taking my trip to Sardinia over the summer in consideration. In the meantime I will try to enjoy Spain as much as I can. Once I will be back to the States I already have a dinner invitation over Bill and his wife’s house in Westport, Connecticut. I guess I can take some shots there as well, what do you think??


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