The first time I came to New York I felt like I already knew this city, like I had been here before.I was walking the street of Downtown, my nose up in the air looking at the skyscrapers and I had a deja-vu feeling. No, it wasn’t because I had seen too many movies shot here that all the places looked familiar to me, but I felt as I had already live here before. A previous life perhaps? Who knows! Matter of the fact is I immediately felt comfortable. Whenever people come to visit now, I act like a good host, like the housewife that proudly shows her house to her guests, so I proudly show them my adoptive city.


(on the ferry to Liberty Island when Fredoom Tower was still missing)

One of the most popular site to visit if the Statue of Liberty of course. I still remember the disappointment I felt the first time I saw it, but only because I had imagined it much bigger that it really is. We are still talking of a thirty stories building, it’s not small at all, but for some reason I thought it was HUGE! The access to the crown is not allowed any longer for the time being, therefore my suggestion is to make a quick stop, take some pictures and move on to a different site. I was able to go up just once and I when I say “being able” I really mean I had to find the courage to climb the spiral staircase located inside the hollow statue, holding my breath while my legs were shaken and my stomach twisted. If going upward is traumatic, coming down is terrifying. If they ever open the crown again and you are afraid of heights, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.


(view from Ellis Island)

I find Ellis Island much more interesting. Do you remember the Godfather’s scene when Vito Corleone come to the US for the first time as a child and he had to stand in line to check his papers? There, the wide room where the future mob patiently waited his turn is part of structure on the island that has now become a museum. A wall with the names of all the immigrants that come to the States through Ellis Island until it was shut down in the beginning of the past century is located in the backyard of this facility. There is nobody with my family name, so here it goes the idea that my deja-vu sensation was due to an ancestor of mine who had come to America long time ago. I find few Salvatore Sanna, my maternal grandfather, but this is such a common name in Sardinia, such as Mario Rossi in Italy or Jeff Smith in the States, so it doesn’t really count!


(welcome to Ellis Island)

There is a section for the “new arrivals” as well: I could have my mine engraved on the wall (I should fill out an application if I’m not wrong) but who would come to look for me anyhow? Neither my brother, my sister nor I have had kids, so I’m going to hold off on this project, at least until the miracle happens and someone in my family decides it’s time for me to became an ant….

He (or she!!) who has ears to hear let him hear.


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