When you are in Sardinia, a boat ride should be mandatory.

If you are going to visit La Maddalena Archipelago, besides being mandatory, it’s also an experience you will never forget.

We live the hotel in Arzachena in the early morning, as we need to reach Poltu Quatu not later than 8:00am.

People are already gathering at the loading dock and we look around to find out which ones are going to be our travel companions since there are several tourist agencies that organize the tours. We are abut twelve people on the boat: my friend Enrico and I, my friend Donna with her boyfriend Paul that just arrived from New York few days earlier, a couple from Sicily, a couple from Emilia-Romagna, an Austrian family with two kids and an older couple from Great Britain. We have to spend the entire day together so we introduce ourselves and start socializing.

The first stop is the Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) in Budelli, but we can only see it from afar.

During the past twenty-something years, the access has been forbidden since careless tourist and other sort of idiots used take bags full of pink sand home to the point that the beach was disappearing. The beach get its name from the millions of crumbled pink shells along the shore and the ban to access it is to allow Mother Nature to replenish and repair what men have destroyed. Nowadays you can only visit under the supervision of the local guides.

We are happy anyway to stop on the other side of Budelli: a swim in the crystal clear waters, the usual photographic tour walking on the rocks and getting scratched by the bushes and we are ready to go back on the boat where lunch will be served: Sardinian pecorino and dry-meats, malloreddus alla campidanese (Sardinian pasta made with tomato sauce and Sardinian sausage) along with a bottle of Cannonau, for the red wine lovers and a bottle of Vermentino, for the lovers of white wine. Since I’m not an expert, I try both, just not to go wrong! A dive in the deep waters where we stopped to have time to eat and now we sail towards Spargi.

A paradise! That’s it; I fall in love all over again.

I’m so happy I convinced my friend this trip was worthy! And I’m happy we chose a sailboat (even if we are using the engines instead since there’s no wind at all). Along the way we had the chance to see the very crowded motorboats filled with people to resemble a refugees boat and when they all jump in for a swim, it looks like a scene out of Titanic, luckily for them, in warmer waters.

Unfortunately we do not have enough time to visit the other island of the archipelago: Santo Stefano, Santa Maria and Razzoli, which will probably the destination for a future trip.

Damn! That means I will have to force myself to come back here soon.

That’s ok, I will make this sacrifice.



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