I fell in love! Playa del Carmen has stolen my heart. I get up very early as usual. Irene is getting ready to go to work but we still have time to have breakfast together at the coffee shop around the corner: cappuccino and croissant, just like when I’m in Italy. The air is nippy and it is going to rain soon. I’m waiting for Gianluca to wake up so we can go to the beach first, and then walk round the city to get to know it better. I’ve learned that when it rains here, it doesn’t last for very long time and quickly the sky clears and the heat comes back. As soon as I reach the house, I put my swimsuit on and grab my camera: I’m ready to face the day ahead. The boys are awake and I’m going to have the second breakfast of the day with them. We say our goodbyes and thank Severino for his hospitality, hoping to meet again soon. I can really picture myself living here. I think of my mother and how much I would love to spend some time with her here, especially during those cold winter months. I know she would like Playa as well. We drive towards the beach in our “Ferrari”. The clouds are gone just after few drops. It’s really hot now and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m a like a lizard, I love the sun! We decide to spend few hours by the shore: there are very few people here since there aren’t any bars nor resort on this side of the beach. The water is flat and the temperature is perfect: ideal for a regenerating swim: as usual I ate too much, like I always do when I am on vacation. Later in the morning, we start walking along the shoreline and I realized immediately the difference with Cancun. The hotels are smaller and integrated with the environment. The style is also different: they are colorful and cheerful, much better than the big cement blocks I’ve seen so far. The fishermen boats ready to go out to sea are surrounded by seagulls and pelicans looking for food, and I keep shooting pictures just in case one is not good enough! I would bite my fingers if so. We reach the dock where the motorboats depart to go to Cozumel and turn towards Quinta Avenida again, which looks totally different during the daytime. The restaurants are filled with tourist looking for some relief from the scorching sun and we join them to have something to eat (again!) before we hit the road to go back to Cancun. I feel some sort of sadness as I’m leaving, since I would have like visit more places,  but I promise myself I will be back as soon as possible. Playa del Carmen, I will not forget you. Arrivederci,  see you again soon!!


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