Hauz Khas: what a suprise!

It’s a lazy day today.

Every time we leave the house it means we will spend hours in the car, even if just to run around Delhi. The traffic in this city is ferocious and now I understand why most cab drivers in New York come from here. Driving here is as easy as a walk in the park for them.

Bhawna suggests a visit to Hauz Khas, a prominent neighborhood not to far from GKII, to check out the local market. As I previously said, “market” here means several businesses in the same area, from clothing stores to restaurants, from spas to the little man selling cigarettes off his cart along the sidewalk. Finding a parking spot is definitely challenging here and finally we are able to leave the car about thirty minutes after our arrival.

In the past years, the city of Delhi has put an effort to bring its ancient site back to the past glory, so we find ourselves in a beautiful garden and surrounded by buildings from the thirteenth century. Even Bhawna, who lives  here, is pleasantly surprised. It seems that only few years ago this place was abandoned and in very bad shape, but now it’s all restored and open to the public. The complex includes Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s tomb, sultan of Delhi from 1351 to 1388, a mosque and several pavilions used for the Islamic teaching. It all overlooks a small artificial lake named the “royal tank”: Hauz Khas that is. All around, the roofs of modern buildings seem to frame this unexpected discovery. We do not have much time, so we browse quickly through the streets and stores. It’s so different here from Old Delhi: clean and relaxing, just what we need. We decide to have a quick bite at a restaurant we had seen on our way to the market, since it has a rooftop and the temperature today has reached ninety degrees. The restaurant is called “IMPERFECTO” and it’s one of the cutest places I’ve ever seen. It’s on three levels and all the furniture inside is mismatched, with different chairs and different tables, and all different colors. They even have a small stream with a bridge that crosses the lawn. All the decorations are also delightful and so is the quattro formaggi pizza we order for lunch.

I think that if I ever have a place of my own, I will steal all his ideas.

Bravo! If anybody I know will ever come to Delhi, I will strongly suggest this as one of the places to visit.


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