From the mountain to the savannah. By Roberto Pierobon

September 26th, 2012

7:30am wake, breakfast and sixth day of trekking. We meet in the morning to give the porters our clothes and the tips (this is a common thing to do). We have to climb down for about two hours to reach Mandara, where a warm lunch is waiting for us followed by thirty minutes of rest. It takes us two more hours by car to reach Maragu Gate, where we fill out the necessary documentation.

As we are driving in the minivan towards Arusha, the crew in the car surprises me by singing Happy Birthday, since it’s my 50th today and I ask to make a quick stop along the way to buy everybody a drink.  Once we arrive at the hotel, John I waiting for us wanting to congratulate us for the success of our mission. After an energizing shower, we all meet for dinner as we are going to meet the new guide who will accompany us in our safari adventure. Nafta is his name (and he speaks Italian) presents the program for the next few days and after we all agree to it, we go to bed waiting for the new day to come.


September 27th, 2012

7:30am wake, breakfast and first day of our photographic safari. Nafta is waiting for us outside the breakfast room so he can introduce us to John, our chef. Both of them will spend the next few days with us while we are still in Tanzania.

We load the jeep with our luggage (just one piece each plus inevitable backpack, while we leave everything else at the hotel) and head towards Tarangire National Park, at the Wild Palm camp where we leave our tents and luggage. Our chef stays here to prepare dinner and give us our packed lunch for the day. We need to fill out more documentation again to gain access to the park and after that, we can finally open the car roof and standing inside the Jeep, we can admire the animals and the panorama around us. It’s a sequence of green areas followed by very dry ones and we see monkeys, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, ostriches, lions, gnus and hippopotamuses. We go back to the camp after six hours where we can take a nice shower and have a good candle light dinner 


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