From the Dead to the Red – by R. Pierobon (last part)

The next morning we drive through the ancient Spice Route in order to reach the Wadi Rum Desert, which is a UNESCO protected area and the access is permitted only if accompanied by authorized personnel. The desert is also famous for the being the background of Lawrence of Arabia. On the way to the camp, we can admire the rock formation of  “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”: the dunes are red here instead yellow, as they usually are in most of the deserts. Once we reach the camp, we are fascinated by their cooking techniques: they prepare a charcoal fire inside a barrel buried in the ground, put the food inside with special grills and cover it with sand, letting it cook for about an hour. After that, the food is ready to be served! It’s really a delicacy; we love it so much that we recommend it to everybody.


Today we go trekking and we spend the whole afternoon sliding from the dunes like little kids, while at night the amazing view that the starry skies of the desert prepare for us is an unbelievable show. Pedaling in the desert is a unique experience and considering the size of it, we can run on the bikes with our eyes closed. At first we have a sensation of insecurity but once we get used to it, the way we feel it’s indescribable and never felt before. At some point we see a train coming from afar and so we run after it. As soon as we approach it, even the engineers come out to salute us, most likely asking themselves what we are doing over there.


Our adventure ends in a hotel in Aqab, where we spend the last two days swimming and snorkeling in the Red Sea along with a group of local friends. This has been one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on and I still remember every single detail even after so many years. I have to thank all my traveling companions and most of all, the country of Jordan that has allowed me to have an amazing time because of its people and its places.


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