From Chicago to Oklahoma City – by Nicoletta La Vite

We are ready to start our new adventure.

We leave Chicago behind us on the road to St. Louis.

It’s really hot outside.

We would like to drive through the city for a quick visit, but there’s a lot of turmoil and the traffic is such to discourage us, therefore we keep going on Route 66 towards Springfield.

After leaving the state of Illinois, we cross Missouri and soon we find ourselves in Oklahoma.

The sun is still high and we keep going for miles and miles. My boyfriend tries to cheer me up, as he knows I’m really tired, and he bluntly lies to me about the distance we need to go before we reach our destination.

He’s obviously the driver and for me, sitting in the back of a bike is really boring.

The landscape around us is beautiful, but we can’t stop anywhere because we want to reach Oklahoma City before is too late and finally get some rest before we hit the road again.

I try to keep myself busy counting the trucks that are passing by: they are huge!

We are headed to Tulsa and our GPS, without a power cord, dies on us and we are now in the mercy of faith. The only think we can do is trust our instinct and hope to find the right direction.

It’s late in the afternoon, just few miles away from Tulsa and we realize something is going to happen soon that we didn’t worry about when planning the trip: a gusty wind starts to blow so strongly that we are in danger of falling off the bike.

My centaur holds on tight and he’s able to keep the bike on the road but to add insult to injury, it starts to rain.

The visibility is low and we are soaking wet, but we can’t find a service station or any shelter for that matter. The only thing we can do is keep driving hoping the rain is going to end soon.

We finally find a service area, where beside the gas station, there are several motels and fast-food restaurants.

The receptionist at the Best Western, where we go in search of a room, isn’t very nice.

Truth is she’s not nice at all.

The rain has stopped and Best Western can kiss our bottoms good-bye since we decide to stick to the plan and reach Oklahoma City.

Our jeans and shoes are finally dry again, luckily so since we only have an extra change of clothes.

We shortly reach our destination and are able to find a room without a reservation.

So, here is how love starts for Motel Super 8 chain. The rooms are comfortable, clean and warm. The staff is nice and above all, with only sixty dollars we have breakfast included in the price and access to a small pool where we can relax and rest for a while.


It’s dinner time.

There’s a nice fast-food restaurant across the street and they have a basketball-shape monitor on each table so the customers can watch the live games on TV.

We are really exhausted by now and tomorrow we have a long way to go before we can reach Texas.

This is also America.


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