Fasten your seat belts…we are almost ready to take off!!

I am ready to take off again!

So far this has been the best year of my life. I’ve been in three different continents, I’ve been reunited with some friends, whom I hadn’t seen in long while, and I did not worry one bit about not working for six months. Oh well, it was my choice to begin with, after a long, very long, period of time when I felt unsatisfied with the way I was living.

And here we are again; my suitcase is half full already, waiting for the last things to be added, trying not to go over the weight limit.

It’s been a crazy week this week. Maybe it’s because of the excitement of the trip, but I guess my head is some place else, already on a plane or better, already there! Just few instances: there are some undergoing renovations in my building with people dangling outside my windows, from Monday through Friday, doing who knows what on the façade. Let’s say there have been few occasions where they could have seen me running around butt naked and I’m not sure if that has happened. They also came to my apartment few days ago as they are painting walls and doors on each floor.

“Should I leave the door open so you can also paint the inside?”

“Yeah, go ahead. I will tell you when we are done”.

So I did and left the men outside my door and I went about my own business. Two hours later they were gone and I decided it was about time to regain my privacy, shutting the door behind me.

Few hours later I had to call my doorman to have somebody come and set me free; when I got ready to go to the gym I could not leave my apartment. The door’s paint was still fresh and it got stuck, making it almost impossible for me to open it from the inside!! STUPID ME!!!!

But let’s move on to yesterday. I’m running around Manhattan to get few things I want to take with me. I guess I haven’t gone out on a Saturday afternoon in a long time, but the city is bursting with people. They are everywhere and everybody is strolling around, enjoying the heat, the humidity, the sweating. They stand at the entrances of each store I need to go to, they form groups in the middle of the sidewalk just when I need to run to catch the bus that obviously is going to leave without me since I get there two seconds too late; they walk into places just when I open the door trying to get out and not just one, but ten, twenty of them to the point I could be running for “employee of the month” if only I was working there and if I didn’t tell each one of them to f…uck off (They had it coming though!!!)  And this is just because I made the mistake to ask my brother if he needed anything from New York.

“Two t-shirts from the Hard Rock store!”…which is located in the heart of Times Square, the busiest place in the entire city! I just have to learn how and when to keep my mouth shout.

I’m starving by now. I went all the way downtown to get few more things, came back midtown and now I see my bus running on 42nd street. No way in hell I’m going to let people stand in my way and with one gentle push to the people on my right and one gentle push on my left, I make my way on the M42. I’m carrying all the shopping bags, I’m tired and I need to eat.

“I’m going to stop few minutes at the grocery store by my building” I text my friend in Italy.

They have just opened up about ten days ago and besides having an amazing salad bar, it’s literally twenty steps away from where I live.

“It will be $11.03”. Not too bad for a container full of chicken teriyaki, steamed corn, fried plantains and steamed zucchini. Too bad I cannot pay for it, as I left my bag with my wallet, my documents and my house keys on the bus!!!!

“I will be right back!”

I run as fast as I’ve never run in my life. Too bad nobody is timing me, as I firmly believe I’ve just broken the world record for the 200 meters sprint.

“Excuse me sir, is this the bus that just came down 42nd street?” I ask the driver standing outside as (thank goodness) the stop after my building is the last one and therefore it takes few minutes before it leaves for another round.

“Why… did you loose something?” he asks me with a smirk on his face. He has it!!!!! I think I’m not going to leave my house until Monday evening to go to the airport. Who knows what else is going to happen to me!!!!

But back at my suitcase: I came up with a system to make it everything simple. I line up my clothes on the bed starting from the bottoms; then I had a top to each one of them to make an outfit, keeping in mind that most of the time I will be at the beach wearing a bikini or at home with my mom.

Yes!! After all the world travelling, I’m finally going home for a month and a half and I can’t wait to be there! I have been in Florida, in Mexico, in India and in Spain so far this year. I’ve loved every single place I’ve visited and enjoy the people, the food and the company.

But you know, as they said, there’s no place like home.

Sardinia, here I come!!!!!!!!







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