Disneyland, at last!

After driving through the desert that goes from Arizona to California, we finally reach San Diego, where we are going to spend just one night with Dennis’ friends that lives there. The next day we are going to Los Angels, about two hours away and finally we’ll go to Disneyland! I really feel like a small child again and patiently I wait in line for my turn to see all the different attractions. The Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountains where on board of a canoe we end the ride going down a steep waterfall, to the point I feel my heart jumping to my throat, and Space Mountain, sitting on a wagon going on a debatable space voyage. And again my first 3D movie, a novelty for those days. It’s just the girls and I sitting in the theater showing Michael Jackson’s movie. Janice, Dennis and Justin are out and about doing something else and we will all meet again later. Our adventure inside the cinema does not last very long, waiting for the film to start sitting on very comfortable chairs and with the special glasses on. As soon as the first animated character jumps out of the screen flying a palm from our noses, Jessica and Savannah start screaming and hysterically crying that we need to leave immediately. Tell you the truth I also jumped when I saw it but I cannot tell them I got scared too! Ah! Technology! We opt for a ride on the tea cups from Beauty and the Beast; if worse come to worst, I’m going to get motion-sick but at least the girls are fine and happily giggling.

There are so many things to see and do here that you really need to spend few days in Disneyland if you want to try everything, especially because there are long lines everywhere. When evening comes we can enjoy the parade with all Disney characters and with Savannah mad as hell since Mickey Mouse is not paying too much attention to her:

“I don’t like you Mickey Mouse, I really don’t like you!”

Before we leave we can see the fireworks marking the end of the day behind the castle. Is it Cinderella’s castle or Snow-white? I’m not very confidant on who the owner is, but one thing is for sure: going back to childhood and live the day with carefreeness is a good thing once on a while.

There’s should be a law to make it mandatory!


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