Costa Paradiso: first stop Li Cossi

After touring the south part of the island and few place of the hinterland, we move to the north. A childhood friend of mine lives in Badesi and he’s been asking me for years to visit his area. I finally accept his invitation and after putting together a group of friends and finding a house for all us, we drive towards Costa Paradiso.  The little house is part of a brand new development right on top of the hill surrounding the village. We have a fantastic view of the Mediterranean and all the way to Castelsardo, a historical town at the end of the promontory.

Li Cossi is another one of those sites I absolutely have to see. Few years ago I had seen a picture of it in website about Sardinia and once again I fell in love with the beauty of my island. The road to Li Cossi is not crowded at all and it’s a short drive from Badesi, so we get there in no time. The problem is now finding a parking spot.

“Did everybody decide to come here today?” We ask ourselves a little annoyed. We ask around how to get to the cove. There’s a long dirt road that takes us there and we need to climb up the stairs that are carved in the rocks. “I should quit smoking,” I think while walking upward, since my legs feel really heavy and I’m short of breath. Small bays where the water is so transparent you can count the little fish swimming in it are all around us.

Once we reach the top, here is Li Cossi, in all his glory. It’s set right in between the water and the hills, with a little stream of water going through it and ending at sea. We go down the wooden staircase but finding a place where to park our thing is quite difficult. Never, ever visit these places in summertime, but that’s when I have my vacation so I have to deal with it. There are so many people, we need to rent some lounge-chairs and an umbrella: the other choice is to lay our towels over somebody else and crush them!

My friend Enrico and I are not really keen on spending the entire day doing nothing, so as we usually do, we leave for a photographic excursion. We climb the rocks like wild goats but the view on the other side is even more beautiful than we thought. The view goes all the way along the coast and along the path; the rocks and the trees have been shaped by the water and the wind, that you can make all different figures from them.

“Look at that, it seems a woman’s face! Isn’t this place amazing?” The cameras are fuming by now, our legs and arms are all scratched because of the bushes and thorns, and the skin’s burnt by the sun. But those are the last worries in my head:  my mind and my eyes are filled with this scenery that my land is once again gifting me with.

Yes, now I know why they call it “Costa Paradiso”.


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