New York meets Sardinia

Cordas e Cannas in New York

New York meets Sardinia

There have been several events during the years I’ve been living in New York that celebrated Sardinia and the Sardinians.Amongst the others, the festivity in honor of Maria Carta, one of the most popular singers from the island, organized by the “Circolo Shardana” featuring Clara Murtas, and three members of the Cordas e Cannas’group; the presentation of Salvatore Cabiddu’s documentary “Sonos’e Memoria’ at the New York Film Festival and a concert with Paolo Fresu, Elena Ledda, the Santu Lussurgiu choir and Luigi Lai with his launeddas (ancient Sardinian instrument) playing the soundtrack live in a theatre in Times Square. And least but no last, my beloved ‘Coro Ortobene’ from Nuoro, thanks to Claudio Coronas ‘ commitment that made it possible for them to come here.

Usually, where there’s Sardinia, there’s going to be me! Who live or has lived away from the island knows very well what it feels like to find a piece of home away from home. It’s an emotion one cannot explain and I am so proud of my Mother Land that I would like all the world to know it and therefore I’ve elected myself the “welcome committee” for the Sardinian coming to visit the US. I’ve had the chance to meet new people and forge new friendships and I will always keep the memory of the days when in New York you could hear people speaking in Sardinian and I will never forget the tears when the boys from “Corto Ortobene” sang in a church during a Christmas concert receiving a standing ovation from the attendees, who kept telling me they heard “the angels singing”.

For this reason and for bringing honor to our land, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.


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