Badesi and Isola Rossa

As soon as we reach Li Junchi in Badesi, we realize we need to find something to do. The beach is gorgeous but Enrico and I do not want to spend all day in the sun just lazing around. On the far right we can see the outline a different site: it’s called Isola Rossa.

“What do you think? About two miles more and less?”

“Yeah Mary, we have walked farther distances in the past”

 Fernando, my childhood friends, phones me.

“I’m going back to Senorbi’. I will come shortly to say good-bye”

“Ok, we will wait for you and then walk to Isola Rossa”

“Are you out of your mind? It’s pretty far from Badesi!”

“That’s ok! We are used to walk”

“Fine. I have to make a quick stop there later on. If you need anything, jus call me on my cell”

We meet each other on the beach for a coffee and soon we all leave for our destination. Enrico and I start our tour equipped with our cameras, sneakers fastened together hanging from our neck, because we are cautious, and cell phone, because you never know! The initial walk is quite easy: we walk along the shore, damp and soft. It’s early in the morning so the temperature is still pleasant. Isola Rossa is right in front of us, maybe half hour walk from where we are. Along the path we have to cross a rocky beach: the stone are smooth, big and unstable so that we really need to work on our balance not to fall flat on our faces as we could easily slip and really get hurt. Our sneakers come handy here and cursing come tick and fast in all different languages: we are spoilt with the choice between Sardinian, English and Florentine. The coastline soon recedes to make our walk even longer and we find ourselves in the middle of a desolate field, where dry thorny grass scratches our legs.

“Is it me or Isola Rossa still seems quite far?”

I have no clue how far we have gone but for some reason it seems our target is getting farer rather than closer. I’m tired, I can feel the day getting hotter and we are in the middle of nowhere, half way from where we started and where we’re going and turning around does not make much sense since the distance is the same each way we chose to go. We have to walk under an arch made out of thorny bushes and by now our entire body is covered with cuts. I really want to beat Enrico up, but then again we both decided to go for this so I can only get mad at myself. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel: Isola Rossa is right there, like a mirage, few hundred meters in front of us and most of all, there’s a bar on the beach where we can sit and have a bier, Ichnusa that is, the Sardinian bier. We still haven’t figure out how to get back to Badesi; just the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. We look at each other while sitting at the bar, really tired but quite happy to have achieved another “almost impossible mission”, since the impossible ones only belong to Tom Cruise.

“How do you we are going back to town?”

“Give me your phone, I will show you how”

“Hello Fernando, are you still around? Would you mind coming to pick us up?”


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