Arizona – the Grand Canyon and Tucson

We still have few hours of driving in front of us before we reach Tucson in Arizona, where we are going to spend few days. We’ve departed from Ogden at dawn and soon we leave Utah behind. We make a quick stop at the border just to capture few images of the signs marking the moment we officially move from one state to the other.

“Are we going to see the Grand Canyon?”

My geography is getting worse and so is my sense of direction. I have no idea of where we are and what’s around us. “We are afraid we are not!” Oh well, I’m going to take a little nap then. Road trips, especially very long ones, are not really exciting until you reach your destination. Up until now I have not develop the passion for photography so I don’t have any equipment with me and anyhow, subject shot from a moving car have never been my forte. “Maria (this is how my American family calls me), look outside!” I must have slept for several hours. The view around me has gone from mountains and snow to something reddish I can’t really make up through my sleepy eyes. Even the temperature has changed and I feel a cold breeze blowing through the car air conditioning vents. Finally I can focus on the sight outside the window and I feel my heart jumping. I’m right in the middle of a tall bridge that crosses a large river below us, very down below, channeled in between rocky walls. The rubber boat in the waters seems so far and it’s just a small dot lost in this huge area. I think this is the most impressive place I’ve ever been to so far and the emotion I feel standing in its presence is above and beyond any expectations. No picture can really describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon and I will never forget the moment I realize I was really there.

America is really the ever-changing land, with all different aspects and thousand surprises every time I move from one place to the other.We start changing our winter clothes into something lighter and it can only make me happy. Once we get to Tucson, I realize how much the proximity of Mexico has affected this part of the country, especially from an architectural point of view. Without taking the downtown skyscrapers in consideration, the rest of the buildings are low, colorful and very Hispanic-like. We will be staying in ranch outside the city, guests of Dennis’ very good friends. One of the main attractions here is the Saguaro National Park, a huge stretch of land full of cactus, really big cactus!! They have the most unusual shapes, all different in sizes and form and few times I have to run to the children’s rescue. They are so attracted by them they really want to get close and touch each single one. Too bad the ocean is too far from here: it almost feels like summer even if it’s only March and it could be the perfect place where I could live, if it wasn’t for the lack of near water.




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