Another day on Route 66 – by Nicoletta La Vite

We get on the bike again.

The human GPS, now with a Road-Book handy, is sure of himself, knows where to go, is aware of the distance we need to drive and has already chosen the place where we will spend the night.

It’s going to be a long day with a beautiful finale.

We leave Texas and we are crossing New Mexico by now.

We enter the city of Albuquerque where we stop for a short period of time to visit a museum, which is nice and also cheap.

It is very hot outside but the weather is going to change soon.

Albuquerque and Gallup are now behind, which means we just left New Mexico to enter the state of Arizona.

The landscape starts to change and around us there’s a huge stretch of red rocks.

We know we are getting closer to Monument Valley.

The roads are straight but the view is fantastic that one really needs to see these places in person.

The weather is getting worse, but we can’t leave without visiting this amazing place.

It’s raining now so we stop at a fast food along the road for a quick snack, hoping that things are going to get better.

The black clouds in the sky leave us very little hope, so we decide to defy nature and stop at Monument Valley as planned.

We take some pictures but I’ really worried about what lies ahead of us so I ask Nicola to look for a place when we can find shelter.

I do not want to find myself in a middle of a storm so he gives up and we can finally leave.

On the way back to the fast food, where we can connect to Wi-Fi and look for a hotel, Mother Nature sends a little water down, but this is nothing yet.

The nearest hotel reviews are really discouraging: it is infested with roaches, so we skip this stop and try to find another accommodation. The road ahead of us is really long and we hope to soon find a village, before it’s starts raining again.

After about an hour, it’s not raining anymore; hail is coming down like there’s not tomorrow!

Panic!!  The helmets are filled with water and the visibility is very limited.  The hailstones are so big and so strong that Nicola’s fingers are now bleeding.

The village in front of us seems like a mirage to us. It’s a small place inhabited by Native Americans: we have reached Flagstaff.

Luckily, we immediately find a room. We settle down, squeeze the water from our clothes and jump in the shower that takes away all the worries of the day.

We fear the worst, but Nevada is waiting for us. Las Vegas, we’re coming!! 


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