An afternoon unlike any others

Sardinia is not just about the sea.

It’s just very hard for to be there only few weeks during the summer and have to give up a day under lying in the sun.

I need to thank Mother Nature because today is the sky is covered with grey and menacing clouds so we skip the beach and we a group of friends coming from all over Italy we decide to visit the surrounding countryside.

There an artificial lake not too far from where my family lives and since I’ve never seen before (Can you believe it? Not more than twenty kilometers away and I’ve never been there!), this is going to be the first stop we make.

People that do not know Sardinia very well, may easily think this could be anywhere but here.

The tourists that come in summertime spend their days at the beach, since the temperature is so high that one does not feel like walking around under the scorching sun.

We also stop to visit the Nuraghe Arrubiu in Orroli.

This is one of the most recent archeological sites found on the island but there is a lot of work that still needs to be done since most of it was buried underground.

We decide to stretch our excursion to the neighboring villages.

The roads are desert and if it was because of few obstacles on the way, we could probably be home for happy hour.

There are two main things that slow us down: the first is that we stop to take picture of every little thing and the other is because Zaira and Zeus are right in the middle of the street with no intention whatsoever to let us pass.

Zaira is a donkey (I think!) that just gave birth to a beautiful black and white mule (I think!). We know his name because since we can’t move, we start talking to the owner that is standing near by.

The mule was born eight days ago and he’s soft like cotton candy. He does not have a name yet so from now on he will be know as Zeus, because we decide so!

The land around, bare and dry, burnt by the summer sun or by some crazy arsonist leaves some space here and there to the oaks with their bark still red since the cork has just been removed.

“Why do they paint the trees in red”? A friend of ours from Milan asks us.

All the Sardinian people burst into laughter.

“Come, come and we will show you the red paint on the trees!”

So, with the story of the red trees that will probably never be forgotten, we go back home, happy for an afternoon unlike any others.



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