Amarillo, Texas – by Nicoletta La Vite

The day starts with a healthy breakfast, then we wear our jeans and All-star, official uniform of this trip, place the bags on the bike and head to Texas.

After driving for so many miles, all the roads start to look the same to me.

We stop at a gas station and finally my centaur decides to make a very smart move: he buys a beautiful Road Book.

Our GPS is useless so with this book we know where we going, without taking chances to get lost again, as we did the day before.

One thing needs to be said about Americans living along Route 66: they are very kind with all the bikers: a very nice man we stop to ask for directions, uses his GPS to look them up and offers to show us the road we need to take.

Along the way, there are only huge stretches of desolated land around us.

We remember an article we read about an open-space museum somewhere in this area.

Once we reach Amarillo, Texas, here it is: The Cadillac Ranch.

It’s a very unusual site: there are ten Cadillacs planted in the ground in the middle of nowhere.

There’s no admission fee, especially because there are only few tourists and some cows.

It seems that the cars were white at one point, but anyone can leave a message or a note with a spray-can, so that they are all very colorful by now.

I am a romantic person, so I draw a heart.

We get on the road again until we reach a Motel Super 8 where to spend the night.

It’s dinnertime and I can finally change my clothes with something else: a nice skirt and high-heels shoes.

Once in a while, a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do!!

Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is captivating.

There is a huge barbeque dominating the room and the waiters are all wearing jeans, boots and cowboy hats.

We sit at our table and start a conversation with a couple sitting next to us.

She’s American and he’s Italian living in the States, and they have pretty much the same itinerary as ours.

A toast to the beautiful evening and we all go back to our bikes, where we meet an older couple from Belgium travelling across the country with their RV.

We can finally practice the little English we’ve learned in school and they tell us about their trip as we can dream a little, until it’s time to go back to bed again.

Tomorrow we will be heading to New Mexico.





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