I’ve been back to the States since the beginning of September, after a long, but very short, month and a half in Sardinia.

I had thought such a long vacation would have been enough for me to meet all my friends, see a lot of places and do a lot of things while still spending some time with my family. Well, forty-five days are not many days at all and they went by so fast it was already time for me to come back to New York already. As usual though, we manage to put some miles on the rental car as we drove all around the island and when I say “all around”, I really mean it!

(Just take a look at the map below).

Once again this year I had the chance to see my beloved and well-known places, so I didn’t go crazy this time taking too many pictures. Yes, you heard me: there are not any photos of Tuerredda from the top of the hill right when the beach suddenly appears in front of us in all his magnificence, there aren’t any new pictures of “Scoglio di Peppino” in Costa Rey but I will show you some of the sites I’ve discovered for the very first time but be aware: it’s going to be a lot of water and many beaches…but again, it’s summer time, what do you expect?

I’m going to take you around my beautiful island once again, so buckle your seat belts…it’s going to be a fun ride!!!


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