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Living in New York for somebody like me that is afraid of height may sound contradictory. I still remember the first time I went up to the last floor of the Twin Towers. The walls were made of glass, from floor to ceiling and I got sick and my legs started shaking just thinking about walking to the edge to view the panorama.

The glass walls are something I still cannot deal with, but time has healed some of my fears and now I’m able to stand on top of a very tall building as long as there’s some sort of visible and tangible fencing. But again, the vibes one feels when viewing the city from above are exhilarating and this is way I tried to capture this feelings in each way and from every possible angle: from the Empire State Building, where a tall wall makes this experience less nauseating for me; from the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center, with a amazing view although several floors shorter; from the terrace of the W Hotel Downtown, when the Memorial gardens of the World Trade Center were still being constructed and even from the plane coming back from my trip to Italy.

That’s the reason why I always ask for a window seat and that’s why my camera always travels with me.

‘Cause you never know!



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