A trip across the States – by Nicoletta La Vite

In 2012, my boyfriend and I decided to spend some time in the Big Apple to study English and looking to bring some changes in our lives.

After attending school for about a month, we agree it’s about time to go on a new adventure.

We fill our bags with just one extra change of clothes, so we have just the essential things we need for the week ahead, and take the first flight to Chicago.

There’s a beautiful Harley and Davidson waiting for us there!

Here is where the real adventure starts.

Once we arrive in Chicago we hail a cab to take us somewhere outside the city to pick up the bike we rented on line.

Just a quick note: we can barely speak English even after a full immersion month of studies and know just the necessary words to get by.

Perhaps it’s just a sensation, but we have the impression the cabdriver doesn’t really know where he’s going.

Are we really skeptical or something is wrong here?

In spite of our mistrust, well, he really got lost.

Luckily Nicola, my boyfriend, is a well-organized person and always ready for any inconvenience may come our way.

We pull out our GPS from the bottom of our bags and try to make the driver understand that we can help him find his way around.

He seems relieved by these news and thankfully he lets us lead him to the Harley and Davidson rental center, where we made our reservation.

Inside the store, a big fellow, his body completely covered with tattoos, is speaking so fast we cannot understand a single word he’s saying.

We only have our helmets, which arrived directly from Italy on a special cargo (Nicola’s sister came to visit us while in New York!), our jackets and the two bags.

The tattoo guy indicates us where we have to sign each single paper he shows us. Finally the most important thing: swipe the card and we’re ready to take off.

Before we leave, Mr. Tattoos give us further explanation on what to do in case of emergency, gives us his phone number and wishes us a safe trip.

Let’s hope so!

He goes back to the office while we exchange glances, just a little worried about what we are going to do now. We do no have time to waste though, so we wear our jackets, put our helmets on and we ready to start.

May God be with us!


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