• Rocky Mountains - Colorado
    Rocky Mountains - Colorado

  • New York
    New York

  • Neemrana - India
    Neemrana - India

  • Peru  -  Machu Picchu
    Peru - Machu Picchu

  • India  - Taj Mahal
    India - Taj Mahal

  • Florence  - The Duomo under the snow
    Florence - The Duomo under the snow

  • Mexico  -  Beach in Tulum
    Mexico - Beach in Tulum

  • New York  -  Lady Liberty
    New York - Lady Liberty

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

 Robert Louis Stevenson

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Here we are in Bosa. We got a discount for our room at the Bed and Breakfast because our host had previously told us they had a problem with the air conditioning. It wasn’t working that is!!! Therefore she was not going to rent the two rooms with the issue but again she asked me […]

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Welcome to Cuba – with the Sardinan flag! There are things in life you would like to do more than anything else, but you always think it’s not the right time and so you keep postponing them…The desire to do them though, keeps coming back and with more intensity each time. You try to find […]

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Arrivo a Cuba con l’immancabile bandiera dei Quattro Mori Ci sono cose che nella vita desideri fare più di qualsiasi altra, ma pensi sempre che non sia arrivato il momento giusto per farle e così le rimandi… Il desiderio, però, si ripresenta sempre più frequente e sempre con maggiore intensità. Cerchi, allora, una motivazione valida […]

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